Festival - Advocating for Action

We are honoured to announce the third edition of the Engage Africa Foundation Festival!. The theme is:

Advocating for Action

Initiated in 2021, the Engage Africa Foundation Festival brings together leading figures to foster dialogue, synthesize practical examples, and establish impactful connections across various sectors influencing Africa's wellbeing. In past years, the festival's digital footprint has reached over 100,000 viewers worldwide.

The 2023 EAF Festival's focus is on inspiring attendees to take definitive steps toward reimagining Africa's health landscape. The emphasis will be on creating sustainable, fair, effective, and innovative solutions. Participants are invited to meaningfully engage with communities through online experiences like workshops and masterclasses, designed to incite reflection and conversation about advocating for a vigorous and healthy future in Africa.

Join us on September 2 - 3, 2023, as we assemble thought leaders, panelists, and participants to investigate transformative change for a robust tomorrow.


Our mission is to create narratives and inspire action that can put health and wellbeing at the center of Africa's development.

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