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The third and fourth week of this project had its highs and lows. For example I discovered that a little less than half of the respondents had responded to the pre-intervention questions. Despite m-Health reminders being sent out on alternate days (statistics of the various of responses will be detailed later as the project progresses).

On the high side;

1. Two respondents returned the m-Health incentive and still answered the questions.

2. A respondent also sent a text to the dedicated SIM line to appreciate the initiative.

3. Specified targets were also met during this period:

These were:
- Physical activity assessment guidelines sent to all respondents

- WHO recommended daily physical activity requirements for adults and children were also sent out.

- Definitions and salient features of moderate and vigorous intensity physical activity were also sent to respondents

Steps are presently being taken to unravel reasons for the attrition so far, also more endorsement by other stakeholders among the junior doctors society is being sought for the project.

Hope to achieve the other targets as the days goes by.

It won't be easy, but I won't be daunted because I know every step taken forward in the project is a milestone in the fight against NCDs in my community.

See you guys in two weeks.

“Health is wealth and it is worth fighting for”




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