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Health is Wealth Fellow 4TH BI-WEEKLY BLOGPOST

The data collected and collated were analyzed during this period (weeks 7 and 8 of the project).

181 respondents were chosen by simple randomly sampling from all the members of the Association of resident doctors in Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti, Nigeria.

Respondents were informed of the purpose of the project and the confidentiality of their answers were guaranteed.

Two important milestones we wanted to achieve were;

What did we find?

77 out of 181 respondents replied to our pre-intervention questions (42.54% response rate)

A whooping 104 did not respond (57.46% non response rate)

From the Key informant interviews carried out among some of the respondents, a lack of interest in the project was a major reason for the high non-response.

4 questions were asked:

Do you know how to assess the daily physical activity level of your patients?

53 said yes (68.83%)

Do you routinely assess patients level of physical activity?

14 said yes (18.18%).

63 said No (81.82%)

*Please note* 81.82% do not routinely carry out this measure

Do you record your patients responses to your questions on physical activity in their case notes?

11 said yes (14.29%)

64 said No (83.12%).

A great majority 83.12% do not carry out this important process

2 did not answer the question (0.03%)

Do you routinely counsel your patients on the benefits of being physically active?

56 said yes (72.73%)

21 said No (27.27%)

With this result, it was clear we were going to encounter an almost insurmountable wall to changing this mindset with a 28-day intervention via daily sms texts of the importance, benefits and why doctors should promote physical activity as well as record patients physical activity status as a “vital sign”.

Responses to post-intervention questions were almost non-existent. But from the few, who responded, question 2 and 3 were still a NO.

Further studies definitely need to be carried out on why and how this is the case. Though I have my suspicions, I leave it to the report writing stage of the project.

See you guys in 2 weeks.

“Health is wealth and it is worth fighting for”




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