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Health is Wealth Fellow Bi-weekly Blogpost 3

The fifth and sixth week of this project had a smooth sail.
Specified targets met during this period:
- Tips and resource links on the benefits of exercising or being physically active were sent to all respondents
- Importance of exercise prescription and how to carry out the prescription were also imparted to the respondents.
In-depth and key informant interviews were carried out among some of the respondents to unravel the reasons behind the low responses to the pre-intervention questions. It was discovered that a mixture of lack of interest in the survey and outright forgetfulness on the part of some respondents accounted for the major reasons for not taking part.
The next two weeks promises to be very interesting statistically. As post-intervention data collection and data collation of both pre and post-intervention results will take place.
Catch you all in two weeks.
“Health is wealth and it is worth fighting for”


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