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Hitting Home Series: Abas Ibekwe is living her best life, the fit way

Today’s Hitting Home Series feature is more than close to home for us! Our feature today is a member of the Engage Africa Foundation team. She keeps the team’s social media pages up-to-date, while pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Toronto. Abas Ibekwe is the social media manager at Engage Africa Foundation. We are very pleased to feature Abas. In this interview, Abas shares her day-to-day healthy living routines. Abas also has a giveaway for fitness enthusiasts! Read the interview to learn more. Be motivated:

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Abas Ibekwe. I am from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. I am currently in my 4th year of my Doctor of Pharmacy degree at University of Toronto #Classof2018 :). My hobbies include hanging out with close friends/family, travelling (hope to do more of that in the near future), watching TV shows, and listening to music (RnB, 2000s, Nigerian music) and lip syncing to my favourite songs :D. 

Fun facts about Abas 

- I met and took a selfie with Viola Davis in Toronto, and I am positive that I will get to meet Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey very soon! 

- I participated in an actual lip sync battle competition - please don’t ask for pictures, just know we killed it lol

- My brother and Viola Davis share same birthday (August 11th) and my mom and Serena Williams share same birthday (September 26th).

Top Healthy Habits

- I try not to skip breakfast - gives me energy to face the day and also keeps me full, so I don’t have to binge eat for lunch/dinner.

- Water is my beverage of choice - I try to minimize my pop/juice consumption to special occasions.

- I opt for healthy snack options - granola bars, yogurt, fruits (e.g. grapes, bananas, berries). 

- I track my steps using the carrot rewards app. Helps me earn movie points while keeping fit. I try to meet my goal number of steps or at least get as close as possible every day. (Use my code: abasi0294 to get free points :)).

- I have accountability partners through my fitness journey - Friends who motivate me to go to the gym/eat healthy.

- I limit my fast food/take out consumption  - I have take out only on special occasions/outings.

- I take the stairs instead of the elevators when I can, to help me squeeze in some physical activity.

- I try to get a good night’s sleep - Gives me a healthy/sharp mind to get through the day’s activities. 

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About the Author

Chiamaka Mogo is the Hitting Home Series Manager at Engage Africa Foundation. She is a public policy scholar and President/Founder of the Initiative for Inclusive Dialogue in Nigeria:


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