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What Africans Are Saying About the Impact of Engage Africa Foundation’s Work (Part II)

Over the past few years, Engage Africa Foundation has created and executed projects and campaigns, in line with our mandate to combat and prevent the occurrence of non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. 


Engage Africa Foundation launched a campaign to raise the attention of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to the poor funding of non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. Not only was this campaign good for raising awareness, it got a lot of people from the continent talking. We were so inspired to see Africans from different countries share their personal stories after we launched the campaign. Here are some of the comments we got:


Deschryver Jack (Bukavu, Congo)

because in spite of everything I still a human who can and want to contribute to this fight 


Shuna Kabambi (Kinshasa, Congo)

I want our generation and the next one to live in a better and healthier place then it is now


Jamie Petersen (Cape Town, South Africa)

I see my family members go through the NCD burden everyday. This can therefore be a high risk factor for myself and my future if I do not look after myself. Having your life free of NCD can therefore not only save yours but others too. Lets all stand together, fight the NCD burden and make the world a healthier place! 


Cephas Avoka (Kumasi, Ghana)

This is very important to me because NCDs are gradually very common in people in both rural and urban area. I am a strong advocate for screening exercises and educational campaigns to curb the trend. Early detection saves lives. 


Felicia Mogo (Lagos, Nigeria)

My mother, 2 siblings and many acquaintances died from non-communicable diseases. Many families have become poor from this sickness and many children have become orphans. Unfortunately there is very poor awareness among the non-educated and even the educated. I want to play my own part in making this issue a thing of the past. - 


Eesha Nayar (Nairobi, Kenya)

I am an African! It matters to me! 


Uche Mogo (Lagos, Nigeria)

over 70% of adults in Nigeria are hypertensive and cost of drugs for those who can afford it, is quite huge. Many including my four siblings are hypertensive and my mother died of stroke. 


Tamara Kinja (Cape Town, South Africa)


This concerns all of us. Being African, and having an active interest when it comes to health related issues, I know how much NCDs are not considered as urgent. I don't think we should be waiting around, NCDs are crawling (or should I say sprinting) their way into Sub-Sahara Africa our lungs, hearts, lives, etc. Let's put them on the agenda already! 


Tomiwa Adaramola (Kitchener, Canada)

This is important to me because it is one step closer to making the world healthier. 


Nadege Ade (Nice, France)

During my very short stay in Liberia, I already came across two people who died of NCDs. One young man died of cancer, leaving two young children behind, the other suffered of a partial stroke, lost her mobility and later on died because of lack of knowledge. 

This is thus a just fight and its about time an effective response is mounted against these diseases. 


Valery Tambwe (Kinshasa, Congo)

It will also my fault if I don't try! So, Let's sign 


Ayo Peters (Calgary, Canada)

It is a common world; lets alleviate poverty in low-income countries 


Nelson Osamudiamen (Calgary, Canada)

It is important because a world free of non-communicable disease is invariably a better world! I applaud the organizers of this initiative for their foresight and dedication to addressing these issues. 


Ade Edgard (France)

it is about time some organization helps raise such awareness, and only Africans can understand africa's problem better...hope this cause grows big and far. 


Ebele Mogo (Calgary, Canada)

I have seen the devastating effect of NCDs and the saddest part to it is that this is preventable. I want to see this being given the urgency it deserves


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About the author:

Chiamaka Mogo is the Manager of Engage Africa Foundation's Hitting Home Series. She is also a media consultant, social justice advocate, blogger - and Public Administration scholar based in Canada's capital - Ottawa. 



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