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Write for our Hitting Home series

Are you on a health and wellness journey? Working hard to stay fit? Do you live with hypertension? Have you had a chronic non-communicable disease(NCD) issue like a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, mental health issues like depression or respiratory conditions like asthma? 

Maybe you haven't but you know a loved one who lives or lived with this condition. By voicing their story on the blog you can make it count toward raising awareness on NCD issues.

What happened? How did it affect you? When? What interesting insight did it give you? What unexpected thing came with this experience? 

Data is one thing. A big vision is important. But your own story? Nothing beats that.

Our "Hitting Home" column puts the spotlight on your own personal experience of non-communicable diseases. It could be an interview transcript, or a story, or a poem dedicated to someone, or a personal account of how non-communicable diseases have affected your own life or that of someone you know and love. It could be about prevention- you making healthy choices to thrive. It could be about hope, loss, gain, despair, overcoming, anything. If you like, we can also make your name anonymous, as you may share with an alias.

By sharing your story with us, you give the world an insight into how you live and love and thrive with NCDs, their challenges, prevention and control. 

We particularly welcome applications from Africans in Africa, but anyone's story is important and if you write decently and are willing to get feedback to improve the power of your story then this is more than enough. 

NCDs affect real people's lives and livelihoods, sometimes pushing them into poverty and stigmatization (see the video below). Your own story is a chance to help us understand, empathize, and spur action. It can change the world.

Write us at We will be so glad to work with you in telling your story to the world.

Please share this with your social networks to help us get the word out.

Thank you.

Ebele Mogo,

President, Engage Africa Foundation


Our mission is to create narratives and inspire action that can put health and wellbeing at the center of Africa's development.

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